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        Kline Realty Co.

Homes for Rent

        3701 Columbia Street Westhaven Portsmouth, VA     2912 B Wesley St Available Now Portsmouth, VA
        1003 Rodman Avenue Westhaven Portsmouth, VA     3816 Sugar Creek Circle Churchland Portsmouth, VA
        3024 Taylor Road Available Now Chesapeake VA     508 Chautauqua Avenue Port Norfolk Portsmouth, VA
        308 Pullman Avenue Westhaven Park Portsmouth, VA     100 F Riverside Drive Waterview Portsmouth, VA
        3208 Brighton St Available Nov Portsmouth, VA     1702 Waters Edge Lane North Suffolk Suffolk, VA
        5608C Raylaine Drive Churchland Portsmouth, VA     5632 Parish Lane Churchland Portsmouth, VA
        3210 Churchland Blvd Portsmouth, VA     3201 Dogwood Drive Portsmouth, VA
        3602 Halter Cove Steeple Chase Suffolk, VA     5782 Rivermille Circle Windmill Shores Portsmouth, VA
        4612 Woodmark Western Branch Chesapeake, VA     3820 Headwind Lane Long Point Portsmouth, VA
        4133 Berwyn Way Available Now Suffolk, VA 23435     3507 Creig St River Park Portsmouth, VA
        317 Sequoia Rd Hodges Manor Portsmouth, VA     1104 Kenelm Court Camelot Chesapeake VA
        3636 Deerfield Drive Available May Suffolk, VA     251 Douglas Ave Port Norfolk Portsmouth, VA
        305 London St Portsmouth, VA     3823 Augustine Circle Peachtree Portsmouth, VA
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    Kline Realty Co.
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